“Most important Issues to Californians” Probolsky Research LLC/Capitol Weekly

Probolski Research LLC (and Capitol Weekly) have just released the results of their telephone survey of 752 Democratic, Republican and Decline to State voters. The six page report contains pie charts covering issues vital to Californians such as the economy:
i.e. The “top concern” of Californians, with 40% of the pie, is the economy. In the report it lists “jobs, unemployment and the mortgage crisis.” Following this grouping is safety, education, government budget and other unspecified issues ranked at 4%.

I am surprised that voter concern regarding the government budget/funding was only at 5% while we face a massive shortfall in CA and president Obama’s full court press to invest upwards of a trillion dollars in spending with cash that doesn’t exist in the lock box.

The next pie chart indicates that the “majority of respondents feel that California is on the “wrong track” at 61%. “Twenty-five (25%) feel we are on the right track” and 14% are unsure. Help me out here. I would love to interview the 25% and ask if they could site examples of us “heading in the right direction.”

Speaking of leading us in the right direction let’s look at their opinion of governor Schwarzenegger’s job approval. Sixty-eight (68%) of voters “consider Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s job performance to be “Fair/Poor.”  This is followed by 29% who feel he is doing an excellent/good job at the helm.  How low do we set the bar is a key question. Can someone show me some recent examples of excellence by our governor?

Regarding the next stimulus package “a majority of voters support relaxing environmental rules and regulations for infrastructure in California in order to take full advantage of Federal stimulus funds. Fifty-three (53%) support relaxing the rules with 39% in opposition and the balance undecided.” Not a super majority but still over 50%.

If you were not one of those contacted perhaps you might wish to share your thoughts on the above questions. I doubt that they were presented in any “push polling” structure to achieve a desired outcome.

A special thank you to Adam Probolsky who gave me permission to post their February 5th Poll Results that can be viewed at their web site:


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