Latest Obama candidate to “do a Richardson”

The OBH’s have a vetting process and its looking pretty obvious that “paying your taxes” was not part of the vetting process – ever. Nancy Killefer is now the THIRD – thats right THREE TIMES A CHARM folks! – Obama appointment to roll over and look like a dead fish before getting into office. Timothy Geitner was the first one to be revealed and he squeaked through because well, we were all wanting so badly for everything to go well for the new administration. Then you had Tom Daschle. And he isn’t looking so good, as I wrote before. Now you have Nancy Killefer who is getting out when the getting is good. If this keeps up she knows a place in the Obama administration is the least safest spot in the land.

Nancy Killefer says she is withdrawing her candidacy for chief performance officer because she doesn’t want her tax issue to become a “distraction.” Killefer failed for a year and a half to pay employment taxes on household help.

This lack of political radar is looking like it is really hurting the new administration. And chances are, the lack of understanding starts at the top and trickles right on down. Will the neophyte learn enough in time to pull out of his dive bomb position? Will the Obama battleship go belly up?

The latest news is that Killefer’s withdrawal is another nail in Daschles coffin.

Stay tuned!

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