Why did Sheriff Hutchens’ deputy spy on two of the O.C. Supervisors?

“Sheriff Sandra Hutchens has launched an internal investigation into the actions of an unspecified sheriff’s official who used a security camera to view the notes of two county supervisors while they conducted a public hearing on Jan. 13,” according to the Total Buzz blog.

Here is what Hutchens had to say about this on her blog, “Tuesday night I was alerted to an incident on the approximately 4-hour video where the particular camera in question was being utilized to scan the boardroom and alert our personnel to any potential security concerns. The security camera was used to zoom in on Supervisor Nguyen’s blackberry for approximately thirty seconds and paperwork on Supervisor Norby’s desk for approximately one minute. I immediately ordered an internal investigation.”

How long has Hutchens been our Sheriff – and what do we have to show for it?  She has been a complete disaster! 

Hutchens spent a fortune on a useless study of our County jail system.  That study was conducted by ex-cops who concluded that our broke county needs to hire 500 more deputies.

Hutchens also has gone after everyone who has a concealed weapon permit. Total Buzz reported that several of her deputes cracked down on those who showed up at a Board of Supervisors meeting to talk about CCW’s.  One woman said she was even followed into the bathroom!

And now one of Hutchens’ deputies got caught spying on our Supervisors.  She says she didn’t tell them to, which may be true, but at the very least this episode underscores the fact that no one appears to be in charge at the O.C. Sheriff’s Department.  What a mess!

In retrospect, I should have supported SAPD Chief Paul Walters for Sheriff instead of Hutchens.

UPDATE: This story has hit the AP Wire!  See the graphic above.

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