Steelers’ owner set aside feelings about abortion and backed Obama

(Picture Courtesy of USA Today)

As we prepare for the Superbowl, let’s take a look at the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dan Rooney.  He supported Barack Obama for President and presented him with a Steelers jersey when his team won the AFC.  Now Rooney’s team might end up visiting the White House if the Steelers can vanquish the upstart Arizona Cardinals.

Rooney is “the only owner in the NFL with a policy named in his behalf, the Rooney Rule, which was instituted in 2003. It stipulates that teams with a head coaching vacancy must interview at least one minority candidate.”

What makes this story even more interesting is that Rooney and Obama don’t agree on abortion.  Here are a few excerpts from a U.S.A. Today article wherein Rooney discussed how difficult it was for him to get past Obama’s pro-choice position:

Rooney said it was not easy to reconcile differences with Obama. A devout Catholic, Rooney is staunchly anti-abortion. It fueled the most intense criticism, he says, of his endorsement of Obama.

“I did not support him on that issue,” Rooney said. “People really came after me on it. … But I don’t think I lost my integrity over this. This was not about a single issue.”

Rooney set aside his feelings about abortion – and now he can enjoy watching his friend begin his four year term as our next President.

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