Santa Ana City Council to raise fees and shut down City Commissions

Just as I predicted recently, the Santa Ana Council “will vote Monday on whether to increase the price of zoo admission by $1 and to pass on a state surcharge of $3 on every parking ticket. It also will vote on whether to cut funding for some positions, supplies and contracts – including $85,000 for library books, records and videos,” according to the O.C. Register.

The City Council is also considering closing down a slew of City Commissions.  An email circulated today to City Commissioners explained that “the Cityʼs Executive Management team recommends that the ordinances or resolutions establishing the Early Prevention and Intervention Commission (EPIC), Environmental and Transportation Advisory Committee, Historic Resources Commission, Human Resources Commission, Library Board, and Youth Commission be repealed.”

So the Santa Ana City Council is going to start raising prices on everything, cutting back even further on library funding, and will also do away with the anti-gang (EPIC) Commission and the Library Board, amongst others.

The only good news is that the move to shut down Commissions, and merge others, will also see a few of the Usual Suspects bumped off their City Commissions.

Why isn’t City Manager Dave Ream firing or cutting the pay of any of his overpaid managers?

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