Jim Gray retires from the O.C. Superior Court and will jump back into politics

Some years ago my friend David Nunez introduced me to Judge Jim Gray – and I ended up helping out with his Congressional campaign against Loretta Sanchez.  He did not prevail, and afterwards he returned to the O.C. Superior Court.

Now Gray has retired from the bench and he his jumping back into politics, as a Libertarian.  He also has his own blog, and he writes a column for the Daily Pilot newspaper.

And the California Libertarian Party is throwing a party to honor Gray’s career and celebrate his return to politics.  Our blogger Tony Bushala, and his gracious wife Freydel, are hosting the party at their beautiful home in Fullerton.  Here is the official press release from the California Libertarian Party:

Celebrate as Jim Gray transitions from the OC bench to Libertarian Party activist!

Join your Libertarian colleagues as we fete Judge Jim Gray’s transition from the Orange County bench to Libertarian Party activism. This fundraiser in his honor will be Saturday, January 24th, 2009, 5 pm to 10 pm, in Fullerton, California.

Judge Gray is likely Orange County’s best known and most respected Libertarian public figure. But do you know about the rest of his distinguished past? See and hear what surprising talent and accomplishments he’ll bring to his new role as a libertarian influence in Orange County!

Your donation admits you to an evening of delicious food and drink, and entertaining insight into Jim Gray’s career and his ideas for promoting liberty by moving the Libertarian Party to mainstream status. This event is also an opportunity to donate to California’s Libertarian Party, and engage in spirited conversation with your political colleagues.

Admission Donations
$50 Single admission donation
$90 Couple admission donation
$45 Coffee Club admission donation
$25 Student admission donation (with current valid student ID at the door)

Proceeds will benefit the Libertarian Party of California.

Call Beau Cain at 818-782-8400 or e-mail office@ca.lp.org to reserve your admission.

To R.S.V.P. online, click this link to Jim Gray’s page on the LPCA website.

Where & When:

Date: Saturday, January 24th

Time: 5 pm to 10 pm

Location: the home of —
Tony and Freydel Bushala
2020 Conejo Lane
Fullerton, CA

Here are some excerpts from Gray’s latest blog post:

was a lifelong Republican until I realized my party couldn’t be counted on. Not to protect my freedom or my liberty, and not to be “fiscally conservative.”

So I realized I could not be a part of an organization that did not reflect my values, or the values I believe this country is based upon.

Therefore, I decided to change parties. Where to go? Once I started to check out my options, it took me about two minutes to decide that I was a natural Libertarian.

Since that time many people have asked me what are the differences between Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians. Well, using a little poetic license just to make a point, I will tell you.

Republicans basically act like your father. They will let you spend your own money, but they tell you what to do in your personal life. And if you don’t follow their directions, they will punish you.

Democrats, on the other hand, want to act as your mother. They want to keep most all of your money, but promise to take care of you and spend your money on things they think are good for you. And, of course, they will not trust you to make your own decisions. Why? Because “Mommy knows best.”

Libertarians are completely different. Libertarians treat adults as adults. Make your own decisions, but you are bound by the decisions you make. In other words, Libertarians think you are smarter than any politicians about how to run your financial and personal life.

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