Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger handing out six figure jobs to termed out hacks

Maybe former State Senator Carole Migden can buy some new clothes with her new $132,178 salary?

“In the midst of a $40 billion budget deficit, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed former Democratic Assemblywoman Nicole Parra to a newly created $128,124-a-year job and named former Republican Assemblyman Greg Aghazarian to a board slot with a similar salary, his office announced Tuesday,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

“The appointments were the fourth and fifth six-figure jobs that Schwarzenegger has given to legislators who departed office last year. The Assembly and Senate appointed three other former lawmakers to positions with similar pay.”

Our state is broke and our Governor is giving six figure jobs to political hacks who have termed out of the State Legislature?  Not cool. 

“Schwarzenegger appointed Aghazarian to the Worker’s Compensation Appeals Board, which pays $128,109 a year. He named ex-Assembly members Bonnie Garcia and George Plescia on New Year’s Eve to $128,109-a-year posts on the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. And he gave former Sen. Carole Migden a $132,178 job on the Integrated Waste Management Board in December.”

What in the Hell does Migden know about Waste Management?  What can she possibly bring to the table that is worth over $130,000 a year?  This is just plain disgusting.

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