36 years and 50 million dead babies later, Roe v. Wade continues…

Back in the fall of 1972 I was a senior in high school in Michigan. On the ballot that Nov. 7 was a state initiative to legalize abortion, Proposal B. Voters overwhelmingly rejected it. Although I was too young to vote, I campaigned for it. A similar pro-life was taken the same day in North Dakota. It seemed that democracy was working. A pro-life electorate was defending the unborn.

The next January 22, 1973 — 36 years ago today –  the U.S. Supreme Court imposed its Roe v. Wade decision, overturning every state abortion law in the country. Absurdly, it even overturned the laws in states with legal abortions, such as California and New York. Roe created a new “right” to let an abortinoist trick a mother into letting him kill her baby. Life, decency, and democracy all were aborted.

Dissenting Justice Byron “Whizzer” White branded the edict “raw judicial power.”

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I was an editorial writer at The Orange County Register for 19 years, until I took a buyout in 2006.