Yes, it’s true. Russian warship about to enter the Panama Canal

Russia is starting to test our resolve as it relates to their military exercises. It was just reported that they plan to send a warship through the Panama Canal.

“MOSCOW (AP) – A Russian warship will sail through the Panama Canal this week for the first time since World War II, the navy announced Wednesday, pushing ahead with a symbolic projection of Moscow’s power in a traditional U.S. zone of influence. The destroyer Admiral Chabanenko will arrive Friday at a former U.S. naval base in Panama’s Pacific port of Balboa for a six-day visit after carrying out joint maneuvers with the Venezuelan navy in the Caribbean Sea, navy spokesman Capt. Igor Dygalo said in a telephone interview.”

Back in 1978 former President Jimmy Carter convinced Congress to turn over the Canal to the Panamanian government with an effective date of December 31, 1999.

Source of the following text. BBC News.

“On 31 December 1999 at a ceremony on the banks of the Panama Canal, former US President Jimmy Carter signed over control of the canal and the 10-mile-wide enclave surrounding it. The US president at the time, Bill Clinton, and members of his administration decided not to attend. This was regarded as a snub by the Panamanians.”

Gilbert comment. Let it be known that former president Clinton was correct in boycotting that event. Our self  defined status as the only surviving “super power” will be tested by Russia. This is just the beginning.  And while they may not be happy with our presence in Europe we are there in support of NATO where the US is but one of 26 nations united in a defensive alliance.

Question. Should we be concerned by this test?

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