Truth? Adam Probolsky thinks Pulido is doing a good job

La Verite or Truth 1870

Truth seems to have taken a step forward this year.   The Rovian tactics of “He is an Arab” and a “Marxist” seem to have lost to a campaign based on hope and substantive change.  Secrecy and stonewalling are giving way to more enlightened way of governing.

In Orange County truth and justice are not necessarily the guiding principle that moves our politicians.

Miguel Pulido still wants to force out Latinos out of the east side of Santa Ana to hook up his developer buddies.   Everything is fine is the mantra, while much of the city suffers from crime and foreclosures.

The Shadow was recently listening to last month’s blog talk radio on OC Blog.

When the subject turned to Santa Ana, Matt Cunningham initially starts off being critical of Santa Ana but recedes as Adam Probolsky goes into a full cheer for Pulido.

Adam says:

“Santa Ana is on the rise, life is good in Santa Ana, pretty solid leadership team, … Miguel Pulido is the guy I want running it…   Doing the best of it they can.”

Really?  Does anyone think Pulido is as good as you can get?  Maybe Pulido is closest to being a Republican but certainly not close to being the best for the city or the people.  Is Adam bucking for some business from Team Pulido?

Sadly again, Truth takes a back seat to cow towing to the Santa Ana power structure.  Adam should be ashamed of himself.

Here is a link to the program: I believe Matt and Adam begin talking about Santa Ana around minute 31.

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