Red County OC barely cracks BNN’s Top 10 Ranking this week

I am so enjoying BNN’s “California’s Most Influential Political Blogs” weekly list now that they are judging Red County’s individual blogs separately.  This week Red County OC finally cracked their top 10, tying with the excellent Bolsavik blog at the tenth spot.

The Orange Juice came in second, just behind the Fresno Bee Opinion Talk, and just ahead of the O.C. Register’s “Orange Punch” blog.  Not bad when you consider that the elections are over and there hasn’t been a ton of big political local news of late.

The Liberal OC plummeted to number 8 this week, after coming in second last week.  Their traffic has really plunged since Nov. 4.  This week, according to sitemeter, they have had 3,880 visits to their site, compared to 6,821 visits to the Orange Juice.

Red County, as a whole, has rebounded on, where the 38 Red County blogs rank 114,331.  The Orange Juice is currently ranked 196,780, for the week, and 139,228 over the last three months, by Alexa.  The Liberal OC is ranked 742,513, by Alexa.

The biggest difference in traffic between the local OC blogs is the page views.  Readers of the Orange Juice read, on average, 8 posts per week, compared to 1.2 for Red County and one per week for the Liberal OC, according to Alexa.  The Orange Juice blog has had over 16,600 page views this week, compared to 6,346 page views over at the Liberal OC, according to Sitemeter.

Running a political blog is a lot of work.  It is nice to see this rewarded by decent site traffic!  And it has to be disconcerting to our red-faced peers over at Red County to see their blog lagging in the BNN rankings – in Orange County.  Isn’t this supposed to be THE Red County?  Maybe not for long…

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