Mayor Pro Tem Bustamante? ROFLMAO!

In the blogosphere no blogger ever really goes away forever.  Our former blogger Thomas Gordon, for example, first quit us to go to the now listing “Centrist OC.”  And now he has popped up over at Red County, which is I think an even better fit for him.  Now Gordon can be a partisan Republican without worrying about offending his readers.

Then again, his first Red County post is one for the ages.  He wrote, “…in my humble opinion, it’s time to give Carlos Bustamante the opportunity to lead the city into a new era of prosperity and growth.  As Santa Ana’s only elected Republican, Carlos Bustamante should insist on smaller government, lower taxes and less burden on businesses.  If the Council elects Carlos Bustamante Mayor Pro-Tem, maybe “for the time being” Santa Ana would have a real chance at being Downtown Orange County.”

How soon we forget!  The last time Bustamante was appointed Mayor Pro Tem of the Santa Ana City Council, it was because Mayor Miguel Pulido wanted to give him a title to use in his campaign for the First Supervisorial District.  After Bustamante lost that race, to Janet Nguyen, Pulido and company took away his title and gave it to Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez.

It's Carlos Bustamante!

Now why would Team Pulido take away Bustamante’s title just because he got his teeth kicked in by Nguyen?  Well, the one time that Bustamante actually had to run a Council meeting, because Pulido left early, was an abject disaster (click here to read that story).  Bustamante got so frustrated and did such a poor job that Alvarez had to step in to run the meeting!  Does anyone really think that Bustamante has, since that comedic episode, suddenly developed a clue?

Let’s take a look at what Bustamante has in fact accomplished.  Fortunately I already wrote that post awhile ago.  Click here to read “Who is Carlos Bustamante.”  You will find more background on the “Space Commander” at this link.

The fact is, Bustamante is a complete joke.  He isn’t even very good at being a Republican, although I would concede that he is VERY good at being a “Bush” Republican.  You know, the kind that is fiscally irresponsible and completely useless.

Gordon’s promotion of the truly vacuous Bustamante was so ridiculous that one of the Red County readers asked Gordon if he was kidding, and check out his reply, “Kidding how? It’s high time we get some conservative ideals into play up at Santa Ana City Hall. Bustamante should cut the bloated government, slash wasteful spending, cut red tape, taxes and fees and promote Santa Ana as a safe, profitable place to do business.”

Here’s the problem Gordon, Bustamante voted for all of that wasteful spending!  Have you forgotten those ridiculous widescreen T.V.’s that Bustamante compelled the City to blow hundreds of thousands on?  And now you want him to be the guy in charge of cutting the waste?  Good grief!  What a stupid concept.

Carlos Bustamante

As usual, NorthCountyStorm popped up with a good closing comment, “The last time Mr. Bustamante’s presided over the City Council his colleague Claudia Alvarez confused him and beat him up so bad they should have stopped the proceedings under a mercy rule. If that performance is any indication of what we could expect if he’s given the gavel again, I hope the Council listens to Thomas, at least “for the time being.”

I agree!  By all means I hope Team Pulido DOES make Bustamante the next Mayor Pro Tem!  I will have great fun writing about the ensuing comedy…

UPDATE: Be sure to order your new Red County T-Shirt today (see the graphic below):

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