Houston, I mean 1800 Katella, we have a problem? Are OC Republicans in Denial?

On December 17th the Shadow broke the story about how Obama had won South Orange County’s 48th District.  I mentioned that OC Republicans should be worried if they lose a district that has a huge Republican registration advantage and a is predominantly white and wealthy.

More recently Red County/OC Blog posted a link to a blog by GOP consultant Jim Lacy where he frets that if Coastal Republicans continue to vote for Democrats, the GOP could lose the governor’s seat because they won’t be able to count on large margins of GOP votes coming out of Orange County to win statewide.  Lacy throws a lot of blame on the McCain Campaign for not moving the numbers in Coastal California.

Lacy then says the “GOP brand” is hurting in Coastal Orange County,

What does that mean?

Does it mean that Republicans need to change their ways or it is a PR/branding thing?

There are some Republicans who have been outraged at what has happened during the Bush Years.  The Iraq War, Katrina, the Financial Collapse, and GOP scandals have led some Republicans to the conclusion that the party needs to change and many of them voted for Obama.  So it may be more than a McCain/Branding thing.  It may be more fundamental.  Yet there were no comments on the OC Blog/ Flash Report as what to do next.  Are OC Republicans in denial?

Perhaps they are content with “Drill Baby Drill” Sarah Palin?

Or Chip Saltzman?

Who is running to head the Republican National Committee and who, Sent committee members a CD this Christmas featuring a 2007 parody song called “Barack the Magic Negro,” according to Fox News.

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