Were McCain’s voters any smarter? Really?

This is my response to the red party hackery posted yesterday by Terry Crowley.

Most campaigns win or lose on the uninformed voters.  I’m sure doing a poll the opposite way would render similar results.  How would McCain supporters answer the following questions:

“Which candidate left their spouse after they were in a car accident that left them disabled?” (McCain)

“Which candidate received a C+ rating from the NRA?” (McCain)

“Which candidate’s spouse had to attend rehab after a three year drug addiction?” (McCain)

“Which candidate was not born in the United States?” (McCain)

Most McCain supporters are probably not aware of these facts and it still would not have changed their vote so what difference does it make?

What’s worse?  That people who voted for Obama aren’t familiar with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barney Frank or that Republicans in 2000 nominated a first term Governor of a weak state simply because his last name was Bush?  The truth is that neither is worse.  The American people always go with the “cool” or “popular” choice.

American campaigns are built on getting the Bubba J vote.  Everybody fights for the Bubba J vote all the time.  McCain-Palin went after the Bubba J vote, except they were calling them “Joe Sixpacks.”  Nobody ever says “let’s get the most informed voters possible.”  A vote is a vote and stupid people are easier to convince and control.  Why do you think the two parties formed the Commission on Presidential Debates?  To make sure that nobody asked any of those pesky hard questions that informed voters want to hear answered.  The Democrats and Republicans would rather talk about Joe the Plumber and how everyone agrees on the Federal Bailout or that Gay people should be allowed to visit each other in the hospital and enter into “civil unions” but not actually get married.  Or whatever else happens to be the topic of that day.  Pretty soon gay marriage will go the way of illegal immigration, gas prices, steroid use and nationalized health care.

Many, many campaigns for local elected office are won and lost due to ballot placement.  Everybody wants to be the first one on the ballot.  That’s why each state has different rules that determine the order that names will appear on the ballot.  Every candidate wants the people who vote for the first one on the ballot simply because they are the first one on the ballot.

In any event the Republicans made their bed and now it is time to sleep in it.  For how long?  Well that’s up to them.

You can’t really argue with failure: Republicans had the White House for the last 8 years and the House and Senate for 6 of those 8 yet we have the largest deficit ever and we never onced balanced the budget during the Bush Administration.

I am a registered Republican but I am no longer a Republican because the party has left me.  The party I registered to join back in the late 1990’s is not the same Republican Party that we have today.  What happend to cutting spending, cutting taxes, a balanced budget amendment, not going into a foreign country without clear definable and achievable goals and a clear exit strategy once those goals were accomplished?  That’s the party I registered to be a part of, that’s the kind of Republican I signed up to be.

Here is a link to the Republican Party platform of 1996 if anyone is feeling nostalgic.


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