We should NOT bail out the U.S. automakers!

“The Democratic leadership in Congress has given Detroit’s Big Three automakers until Dec. 2 to come up with a recovery plan to save their companies — a directive that’s driving their opponents crazy,” according to Fox News.

I agree with the House Republicans, for once – it is un-American in the extreme to prop up failing businesses.  These automakers have seen this trouble coming for years, but they kept on doing things the same way.  Now they are paying for their bad management – and the last thing we should do is throw tax dollars into the fray. 

The union workers at the auto plants should have done more to save their jobs.  Their greed will now be their undoing.  They will never make that kind of money in the free market ever again.  I hope they put some of that away.

I love that none of the auto company CEOs showed up to Congress with a plan.  That’s because their plan is to keep coming back for more of our money.  Screw them!  Congress should tell them to take a hike.

What do YOU think?

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