Mystery of Aloha’s missing cart resolved?

When our reader, Rob “Cook” wrote that “Aloha’s personal cart, the one in the picture was taken by the city,” we figured that he knew what he was talking about. He is generally a reliable source of information. In fact since we posted our article about Aloha’s missing cart, we have discovered that Cook sees her just about every single day. If anyone knew what was up with her cart, it HAD to be Cook.

Alas, it would appear that we got “Cooked.” This email was circulated yesterday by the City of Santa Ana:

The City Manager’s Office received several calls today regarding the alleged confiscation of a homeless woman’s shopping cart in the Civic Center area last week. Apparently there is a rumor circulating that City staff confiscated the woman’s cart. We have received confirmation this afternoon from the Santa Ana Police Department, Community Preservation, Public Works and Parks & Recreation that staff did not confiscate the shopping cart in question nor do we have the cart or personal belongings in our possession. Please let me know if you have any questions.

As one might expect, our counterparts at the Liberal OC blog are having a field day at our expense, however they started this whole mess when they posted the picture that was taken by O.C. Republican Central Committee Member Thomas Gordon.

That same Thomas Gordon apparently felt guilt after the fact and he has now reportedly bought Aloha a couple of nights at a local hotel, which is a nice gesture.  But the Liberal OC’s Chris Prevatt posted that Aloha is now mad at our blogger Sean Mill.  I have a feeling that she was goaded into saying that, but I am sure that if Mill were to buy her a couple of nights at a local hotel, she would likely change her tune.  Shame on Prevatt for playing with the emotions of an elderly homeless lady just so he can have something to blog about.

Prevatt also ripped me for a tongue in cheek post I wrote about a fellow in Anaheim with the last name of Bustamante who got drunk and hit a cop.  Thing is, I ran that story by none other than Thomas Gordon before I posted it.  He thought it was pretty funny.  Now he is silent on the issue, which figures since he angrily quit the Orange Juice blog on Nov. 15.

Back to Aloha.  As a result of all this attention on her, according to our blogger Vern Nelson, “Aloha has enough money donated to her for this misadventure that she will be able to get a motel room for a day, wash up, and get some new clothes and blankets.”  I would say this all worked out in her favor.  And we all brought attention on our homeless – in a city that ignores them.

So who took her cart?  According to Vern Nelson, “It’s still a mystery what happened to her cart; nobody with any legal authority to confiscate it did so, it just disappeared off the street while she was in a medical building; it was either a malcious thief or a malicious cop who likes to make life difficult for the homeless in general, but it’s pretty unlikely it had anything to do with the photo and the blogs.”

Aloha liked to “weigh her cart down with rocks and bricks to make it heavy for some reason.”  I am told it may have weighed in excess of 200 to 300 pounds.  So who would take such a thing and how far could they have gotten with it?  The City of Santa Ana would have the resources to do this, but they are saying they didn’t do it.  This mystery may remain unsolved.

Cook’s latest info about Aloha is that, “Anyone who would like to give something to Aloha or meet her in a protected safe environment, she comes by my home between 5pm and 6pm, 10th and Broadway.”

If you want to help the homeless please consider donating to the Orange County Rescue Mission, at this link.  Also, consider helping out on Wednesday, November 26 to the Anaheim Salvation Army at 201 E. Cypress Street, from 10am to 5pm (or whatever time you have available) to help cook and serve during this time of Thanksgiving.  if interested you may RSVP here.

Don’t expect any apologies from Chris Prevatt.  Here is what he thinks about all this, “I make no excuses for posting the photo of Aloha. I make none, because no excuse is necessary. Be as outraged as you like.You outrage does not change the facts.”

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