Magic Moments!

Perry Como was a fantastic talent.  He even had his own TV show in the 1950’s.  He worn his almost patented Alpaca sweater and never ceased to offer up his many songs with their pear shaped tones:

His classic….”Letters…we get letters…we get stacks and stacks of letters:  Dear Perry….if you’d be so kind to fill a request and sing a song we like best?”  People wrote and he responded!

Today….is indeed a “Magic Moment” in history!  Today we have broken down the walls of racism in the United States.  Win or lose…..the message is one of quality over quantity!  A message that says:  “You can fool us once…..and shame on you….but if you fool us twice…shame on us!”  Barack Obama has collected over $600 million dollars from Americans that have given less than $77 dollars each.  He hasn’t gotten “special interest money”.  He has gone after every man, woman and child in America and said: “Help us win!”

The classic: “Save your Confederate money…the South is goin rise again!” has finally fallen on the ash heap of history!  Truly, it took the efforts of both sides of the aisle…to kill our economy.  Truly, it took the efforts of both sides of the aisle… bury a mean spirited, uninspiring system of taking cash and buying your way into politics.  People have finally figured out that the Tech age has changed the game of politics.  It allows us in the greater “blogisphere” to get their messages out.  Does anyone care who is listening?  The “Electeds” do!  They are scared stiff and with great reason.  “Yes we can!” transcends the Obama campaign.  It brings us all to the great awareness that the rich have feet of clay….and in fact they can be defeated!

Today we celebrate a “Magic Moment”.  We may be digging ourselves out of a serious “Global Recession or Depression” for 20 years.  But we didn’t do it…the power structure did it.  They were kidding us, lying to us and asking us to support their pie in sky unimaginative concepts!  It was getting so bad that they didn’t even have time to respond to constituents in writing…..or with intelligent discourse!  That’s OK…….because we would have not reached this “Magic Moment” without their lack of concern for the thoughts of the people!  They were all too concerned with their projected Public Pensions and Retirement Plans.  Too concerned with how they could rip off the system greatly after they had served their time in Public Office!

Congratulations to Barack Obama and Joe Biden!  They ran a great race and they have shown the American people that responsive goverment can sell.

To McCain and Palin…….sorry you didn’t take the opportunity to win the big one!  McCain could have “suspended his campaign” to vote against the Bail Out……and win the election.  Palin could have refused to go on SNL so that the ticket could win the election!  And finally, they both could have shown some decorum and not used mean spirited and nasty-cruel campaigning to challenge the first Black candidate for President.

In the meantime:

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