Latinos are not turning to the GOP in our lifetime

With seven in 10 blacks and 53 percent of Latinos voting in favor of Prop. 8, the ballot measure to ban same-sex marriage, Republicans say they are confident that their common interests with minorities on traditional family and social issues can help forge new political alliances,” according to an online news source.

How ridiculous!

The Republicans bash Latinos incessantly and now because some Latinos voted for Prop. 8 they are expected to warm up to the GOP?  No way!  They may have voted for Prop. 8 but they also voted for Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.  The GOP has no future with Latino voters.

But if Republicans want to keep deluding themselves, so be it.  The courts are going to overturn Prop. 8 anyway, so it is not like this hateful measure will have any sort of long-term impact.

And guess what?  Latino youngsters are NOT voting as conservatively as some of their parents.  The future bodes ill for right-wing GOP philosophy in this country.

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