Is Orange County Dead?

This year I was searching for life in Orange County.  I regret to inform you that OC is dead without a pulse and lacking any life.  Vem and vitality have left the building.  What was once a thriving Republican party is now replaced with scandal control and the “Over the Transom” OC Blog.  Having a forty year old white guy who lives in the City of Orange tell you why freedom is being lost because the tax rate for rich people is moving from 36% to 39% is a prime example of what a dead and soulless outfit the Orange County Republicans have become. “Sure Ken Calvert is a drunk who chases prostitutes, but he really fought for the toll road.”   The OC GOP and the Red County/OC Blog have been relegated to complaining about Obama but is anyone listening?  I doubt it, cause they are dead.

As to the OC Democrats, they are on showing little life as well. Most of the labor and Democrat Party hierarchy were either for Hillary or Edwards.  Edwards is dead and so 1997, (remember Monica).  They are sending Hillary (and hopefully Bill) on a world tour that will end in eight years.  She will return to lose again in Iowa in 2016 cause she too is dead.  That fact that both Edwards and Hillary are dead didn’t stop the OC Democratic establishment for going full bore for both.   Wiley Aiken was in Iowa for the Edwards and Melahat was still purring about being tight with Edwards.  Problem was Edwards was being tight with some hussy and was on the way to being politically doa.   Nostalgia for the “safe” Clinton years enthralled most of the other Democrats in Orange County.  Miguel Pulido and most of the other Democrats went with what seemed like a sure thing.  Wrong……… cause did you see the Hillary crowd in Iowa, literally old school and also DOA.

But the Orange County is not on the cutting edge far from it.  It is hard to be up to date when you are dead. So now you see a bunch of OC Democrats trying to cozy up to Obama’s success, but it is hard for them cause they too are dead.   Live people win Elections and most of the Democrats lost in the OC.

—The OC Shadow——

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