Famed Maverick ex-GOP Congressman Pete McCloskey writes a letter to Republicans in the 46th CD:




Pete McCloskey, the maverick Republican Congressman who stood up to Nixon and against the Vietnam War, came down last night to headline a Long Beach fundraiser for Debbie Cook, at the home of famed female surfing champion Jericho Poppler – I felt fortunate to be able to entertain on the piano! As I write, Pete is leading a big GOTV rally in Long Beach. Here is his letter to you:

Dear Republican:

Like you, I was proud to be a Republican until the advent of Bush and the Neocons. My family have been active California Republicans since l859, the year before Lincoln was elected. You may even remember a time when the GOP stood for honesty and ethics, balanced budgets, a reasonable balance between environmental protection and economic development, separation of church and state, and the least possible governmental intrusion into the choices of individuals.

All of this has been set aside under the leadership of the younger Bush, the Neocons and the corrupting influence of disgraced, jailed lobbyists like Jack Abramoff. In fact, your congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, was in the inner circle of Abramoff’s orbit. He actually wrote a letter to the Judge who sentenced Abramoff urging leniency in his sentencing, the only letter from a sitting Congressman so received by the judge. Such questionable associations are not uncommon for this Congressman, sadly, as anyone who has been watching him over the years knows all too well.

What is desperately needed in the next Congress are individuals of great integrity with fresh thoughts from outside the Beltway, and who also possess a willingness to set aside partisanship and rigid ideology to work for viable solutions that help fix our economy, intelligently regulate our banking system, reform Social Security and Medicare, and devise effective strategies to bring our troops back home from Iraq. Most importantly, we need leaders in the Congress who understand that this nation needs a real energy policy.

Debbie Cook is such a person. Unlike Rohrabacher, she understands these issues and sees the real threats to our economy and national security. Debbie also understands the reality of global warming, and is clearly smart, articulate, and capable. I am confident that she will help bring courtesy and thoughtful compromise back to Washington, and maybe even help restore some of the faith in our system of government that all of us have lost at least a little bit of over the last few years.

Dana Rohrabacher is a part of the problem. I hope you will vote for Debbie Cook next Tuesday.

Paul N. “Pete” McCloskey, Democrat
Former Republican Member of Congress, 1967-1982

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