America wins the War on Drugs!

It’s morning in Orange County and I am happy to announce that we have finally won the War on Drugs.  Take that Judge Jim Gray and the rest of you goofy Libertarians.  The US Coast Guard seized 136 bales of marijuana yesterday.  I hear that every single pot dealer is out of product and has no way of supplying the users with drugs.  Or maybe it is that the few dealers that have access to marijuana have had to raise their prices so high that most people can no longer afford to buy the drug.

Unfortunately none of the above is true, except for the part about the Coast Guard seizing 136 bales of Marijuana.

We are spending billions of dollars a year on this War, good law enforcement officers are getting killed.  We can’t keep drugs off of our streets, out of our neighborhoods, out of our schools, or even out of our prisons.

When will we wake up and realize that the laws of supply and demand cannot be repealed?

For common sense solutions to the War on Drugs consider joining the Libertarian Party today.

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