Vote for Cam Mangels in the 69th Assembly District

I asked Cam Mangels, who is running against Assemblyman Jose Solorio, to send me an article about himself and his campaign.  In case you missed it, Solorio used Democratic money this week to promote a Republican, Rob Richardson, for the SAUSD School Board.  So I am asking folks to vote for Mangels, as a protest against Solorio.  Here is Mangel’s article:

The reason I joined the Air Force was because I truly wanted to serve my country. I got my degree in Political Science because I wanted to learn how to better serve the public as a whole. I now work for the City of Garden Grove because I wanted to better serve the residents of Garden Grove. I’m running for State Assembly because I want to serve the State of California. This is my home state.

We are in an economic crisis right now; One that many of us have never seen. The California budget, which was just passed, is already going to be short. This is thanks to our current leadership. This is not leadership.

When times are good, they spend everything possible and take out more bonds. When times are bad, they spend everything and still they put out bonds to spend on more things. When times are good again, do they pay off those bonds? No. They spend more. Then, they tend to say, “We must raise taxes (or FEES, as they call it) to pay for our overspending.”

They don’t want to fix their problems of overspending; they want to hand the bill to us. Often they say, “the citizens won’t have to worry, because they will just increase the FEES of the businesses, so that they pay their fare share.”

So, when those businesses have more to pay to do business, who do the businesses pass the expenses along to? Us!

When customers are no longer able to handle the cost increases, essentially due to our government’s mismanagement, the customers leave. Then, the companies leave California.

  • They leave and they take their jobs with them.
  • They leave and they take that tax base with them.
  • Or they simply go out of business.

If you look at my website, you’ll see all of my views on there. I want to help bring California back to the ideals that once made California great:

  • Less Government
  • Lower Taxes
  • More Freedom

If you feel like I am the right person for the job, then vote for me in November.

“People try to live within their income so they can afford to pay taxes to a government that can’t live within its income.” ~Robert Half

Cam Mangels

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