Team Pulido stumbles at OCCCO forum

If you missed this week’s OCCCO Santa Ana City Council Candidates Forum, now you can listen to the entire meeting at this link or at this link.

This meeting was conducted in a bilingual format.  All of the incumbents and challengers showed up except for Steve Rocco.

Mayoral candidate George Collins recorded the entire forum.  He ought to have the video up in a couple of days, but in the interim you may enjoy the audio recording.

Team Pulido trotted out their usual lies about crime going down but this time the moderator let me nail them – and I did.  It was great fun.  I asked at times why in the world they waited four years to do anything about crime.  And why they insisted that the city is safe when no one feels safe and gang violence is out of control.

Claudia Alvarez, predictably, tried to hit back, but she failed.  She told the audience not to believe what I said about Mayor Pulido – but I then pointed out the fact that Collins has Pulido on tape – so it is easy for folks to find out for themselves what he has said at public meetings in the past few years.

At one point Bustamante leaned over towards me and he whispered – “you don’t understand – you were never a cop.”  Well, you have to wonder why Bustamante’s career in law enforcement didn’t last more than a couple of years…maybe he wasn’t very good at it?  He did say during the forum that the issue of violence in our city is “complicated.”  No it’s not!  Bustamante just doesn’t have a clue.

This was the last Council Candidates forum.  For me it was the funnest one as I had my way with the incumbents.  Many of those in attendance told me afterwards that they were voting for me.  One of the leaders of OCCCO later told an associate of mine that everyone in their organization is voting for the Council challengers – not for the incumbents.

Perhaps we will have change in our city after all this year…

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