Santa Ana cops and firefighters lie to the voters of Santa Ana

Will Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and his cronies on the City Council succeed in lying to the people of Santa Ana?  Today’s mail included another mailer that was chock full of lies from Team Pulido.  This time it was sent by a campaign committee called the “Citizens Anti-Crime Committee.”  It also noted that the “Santa Ana Police Officers” want us to vote for Team Pulido, and it featured the firefighters too, so I guess this was funded by the fire and cop unions.  I will remember this when I get elected.

What a bunch of liars!  How does it feel to know that your police and firemen are liars and they are trying to pull the wool over our eyes?  Check out these whoppers:

  • Team Pulido has lowered our crime rate by 32% since 2006.  LIE!  The FBI just rated us #1 in violent crime in all of Orange County!  This summer our city was awash in gang shootings and carjackings.  And we are to believe that crime is going down?  Give me a break!
  • Team Pulido claims that they have made Santa Ana one of the safest cities in the entire U.S.  Are they crazy?  Most people DO NOT feel safe in this town!
  • They tout their street improvements – but remember that they decided to overlook the worst streets and fix the least damaged ones first.  And just this past week a water pipe blew up under Dyer St. – that was the second such incident in the past year!

Will the people of Santa Ana believe these lies?  We’ll find out on Nov. 4.  Shame on Pulido, Carlos Bustamante, Vince Sarmiento and Claudia Alvarez for propagating these mentiras!

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