Pedroza’s attackers include Ware Disposal and Mike Schroeder

Well, now we know who launched this week’s very lame attack mailers on me.  Apparently Matt “Jubal” Cunningham, the Editor of Red County, coordinated the attacks.  The “Legion of Doom” who contributed to the attacks included:

  • Orange County Employees Association
  • Dan Chmielewski
  • Mike Schroeder
  • Ware Disposal
  • Francis Barraza
  • Vietnamese American Leadership-VA

Nick Berardino, the head of the OCEA, is one of Matt’s political allies – ergo his contribution.  Chmielewski has some kind of strange fixation with attacking me, which started after I invited Sarah Spinosa to join our blog – after he banned her from his blog.  Mike Schroeder (who was disgraced former OC Sheriff Mike Carona’s adviser) and the Vietnamese American Leadership folks are affiliated with Assemblyman Van Tran – who has been a target of this blog for some time.  Ware Disposal?  They are hated in Santa Ana – and no one likes them here at the OJ either.  It figures they would come after me.  As for Francis Barraza, I am told she used to work for the OC GOP.

So there you go.  Only one of Matt’s allies lives in Santa Ana.  The rest of them joined in Matt’s silly attack as a favor to him, or because they had a bone to pick with me.  Thanks for spending so much to advertise my blog!

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