Latest Caper: “Diana” Rohrabacher Pesters Sirhan Sirhan… in Drag?


NOT making this up.  The investigative journalism was done by Carl Kozlowski of the Pasadena Weekly and published Thursday the 25th, noted and passed on by the Godlike Moxley, and then I still probably wouldn’t have noticed for a few days if it weren’t for Ill-Tempered Dan of the LOC (who NEVER links to or credits this blog, but I’m better than that.)  And Dana’s folks happily confirmed the story to Mr. Koslowski.  Meanwhile, as I attempt to lift my lower jaw off the floor, I ponder how I can best get this story across to the voters of the 46th District, especially all the old Republicans who will be filling in and mailing in their absentee ballots this week, the complacent ones who will just check off R, R, R as they do every two years.  They NEED to know what an UNHINGED BUFFOON they keep sending off to Washington to represent them, and how regularly and bizarrely he pops up with “R-Huntington Beach” appended to his name.

Background:  Dana’s head is always filled with conspiracy theories.  (Just try googling Rohrabacher Oklahoma City bombing.)  One theory that’s been haunting him for forty years now is the vast Arab plot to kill RFK, using Sirhan as a patsy.  That’s been in his mind since the day of the 1968 assassination, when he claims to have been at the same hotel at a different party (?) and to have been run into by a fleeing Arab being chased by cops, BEFORE the assassination.  (This would have been when Dana was a little under 21, still a stoned, surfing, college kid, singer-songwriter and anti-war protester.)

So, who knows what wild hair got into Dana in Jan. 2007 (right around the time, as Moxley notes, that he was famously attributing global warming to dinosaur farts.)  Sirhan Sirhan, poor pathetic bastard, has been in solitary confinement since 9/11 because his stupid fellow prisoners think he’s part of Al Qaeda.  And Dana can’t go question him without his permission, so he hatches a plan…

So he gets to Sirhan by impersonating a female human rights worker, “Diana,” who is concerned about the “atrocious conditions of his confinement.”  Sirhan jumps at that chance, not even contacting his lawyers, and is utterly shocked and confused to be suddenly confronted by the red-faced, bellowing, male Congressman, accompanied by two tape-recorder-toting aides, demanding to know all about the conspiracy.  Knowing what we know of the amusement and glee Dana expresses over the abuse of Arab prisoners at Gitmo and elsewhere, we can only imagine the belly laughs Dana and his aides shared before and after the visit.  A “human rights worker” – HA, that’s rich!

The image of a female-impersonating Rohrabacher spewing spittle at a half-mad Arab assassin with two aides dutifully taking notes is on a level of surreal absurdity that beggars Photoshop; it really needs to be filmed, along with the rest of Dana’s life story, by a David Lynch.   And it’s of a piece with the rest of Dana’s career: no successful legislation, but twenty years of often disastrous “rogue diplomacy” – Taliban, Laos, Angola – dating back to when the slogan above his desk read “Fighting For Freedom While Having Fun!”

Setting aside the more disturbing aspects of his character – particularly his sadism and his unabashed love of pollution – Dana is basically a political prankster. He would make a very entertaining and successful talk show jockey on, say, KFI.  But he does not belong in the Congress of the United States, representing and humiliating the people of California’s 46th District, who are growing in political maturity and now have a viable alternative.

One remarkable thing about working in Debbie Cook’s campaign office is the frequency with which some new development will send in a wave of “lifelong Republicans” who have just had enough with Dana and want Debbie yard signs and to know what they can to help.  A few months ago there was his madcap performance at the Orange County Business Council’s Water Summit (something commenter “just … asking” tipped me off about and I still have to find the video.) His recent sleazy, dishonest (and amateurish) attack mailers against Debbie seem to have turned more recipients toward her than the reverse – even if they don’t know the precise facts of the solar plant environmental reviews and her record on taxes, it just sets off their BS detectors.  And we’ve gotten a lot of new Republicans on account of that.  This new story should be GOLD – how do we get it out?

Finally inquiring minds NEED to know:  How often does Dana morph into “Diana?” And also:  How long until it happens on the floor of Congress?

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