News Flash…End of the World..gets bailed out!

“The talk on the street it sounds so familiar….great expectations…here we go again!”…The Eagles wrote that in the 60’s…..the song: “New Kid in Town”!

“This is really a day of history” says CNBC.. We are propping up our financial markets to the tune of $2 Trillion dollars down and 100 years to pay!  In addition…..another half a trillion backing bad banks…..then “no more short selling”….ever!  Words like “We need to save Western Humanity….and we need to save the American way of life……” are all banteed around with impunity!  It is a serious day…..when the word yesterday was…that Britain and Russia has stopped their Stock Markets for the foreseeable future!

What does this all mean?  Bear Stearns, Lehman Bros. and Merrill Lynch have fallen on their swords for the good of humanity.  Their greedy ways have finally caught up with them.  AIG, Morgan-Stanley and Goldman-Sachs seem to be allowed to merge with other entities….whatever that means.

Today we have Nationalized our Economic System and become no longer quasi-socialist…..we can now just call ourselves….The New Socialist Society of Greater America!  Today by edict we can just put a price on anything in the country…and that is what we all must pay.  Costco, Wal-Mart and other discount retailers…may soon be a thing of the past.  Based on volume buying and volume sales……once Price Regulations are put in place…they soon will be charging the prevailing “Government approved rate”!  In World War II, Price Stabilization Boards put pricing on everything from Gasoline to paper clips and butter.  These days are soon to be back – front and center.

The good news is …..NAFTA, CAFTA and GATT are all just antiques which will be found on Wikipedia…many years from now for college term papers! The WTO, The World Bank and the European Union are now officially finished as governing agencies.  We are now officially World Socialists who will have to pay the going rate for anything we buy.  It is a sad day for the world.

The new infusion of close to $3 Trillion dollars…into saving these bogus Investment banks….will basically do two things: (1) Raise the National Debt to over $13 Trillion dollars from a little over $9 Trillion – immediately. (2) Stabilize for the short term all the Fireman’s and Public Employee Pension Plans…..  The is big third issue however is “The Elephant in the room:  Inflation!”  The interest rates are now sure to rise….and if we are not careful…price everyone out of the market.  Not for Real Estate mind you..but try food, gasoline and water!

We have stepped across the Rubicon…and that which is Caesars….still belongs to Caesar!  The public will get the bill in their checks from the government….for anything else!

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