A Republican Mockery….Oh yeah!!

The soccer mom came to the party…..packing heat!  She assailed Obama and became the assigned “attack dog” for the campaign.  The good Governor of Alaska came out looking for Grizzly bears, Polar Bears and Oil Rigs!  OK, were we amazed?  Well, actually the first 15 minutes sounded like she was running for Student Body President of the Senior Class at a very fine Junior College in Sitka!  The last time we heard that type of squealing diatribe it was at a Girls Athletic Association meeting…talking about baby clothes!

It was actually quite a night of hard hitting spit and charging the grey battlements of the bastille.  Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and even our hero Rudy Guiliani all came out swinging….to pump up the volume for the good Governor Palin.  They unloaded taking no prisoners.  They did their level best to demean Obama in every way possible.  The good news is that the same old tired rhetoric was only taken seriously by the uncredentialed delegates!  Sadly, our opinion of all of the Republican Candidates for President, in this cycle,  due to this performance has greatly diminished and blemished our respect for all of them.

This indeed could be the death knell for the Republican Party….no matter who wins the election.  The facts are that it is a very sad day…for the lion share of Reaganites.  We have all been relegated to the greater New Majority without even taking a vote!  Reagan ran on issues…..these people are now so desparate that they are running on negativity!  It is a huge role reversal.  The Republicans used to be the party of positive goals….the Democrats were always the “disgruntled employees”.  McCain has reversed this…leaving the Republicans as the party of mean spirited negativity.  This is no longer the party of Reagan….this is the party of McCain/Palin. 

In a major effort at talking down, condescension and sarcastic behavior…… the Republican Party has kicked George and Laura to side of the road and we will all have to join the famous McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform, the Keating Five and of course his leadership helping Bill Clinton push NAFTA through…eagerly!

Sad days…..for everyone running on the Republican ticket in 2008!  It is so bad……that even Dennis Miller, because he is on O’Reilly….has had to change his affliliation from Obama to McCain…so he can continue being paid for his slot on Fox News!

This was a night that turned everyone’s stomach……on both sides!

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