When it comes to being a greedy pig, Jubal is unmatched!

Greedy pig Republicans


Matt/Jubal Cunningham just can’t help himself.  The Red County editor had to toss in his two cents after State Senator Lou Correa stuck to his guns by abstaining from voting on the state budget rather than break his pledge to not raise taxes.  Here’s what Cunningham had to say about whether Correa will continue to honor his no new taxes pledge:

“If two Senate Reeps go wobbly and follow Schwarzenegger’s lead, the pressure on Lou to break his no-new-taxes pledge will grow even more intense.  After all, he’ll be standing between the government hogs and more slop in the trough.

Wow – talk about an unfortunate choice of words.  Cunningham is one of the greedy O.C. Republicans who has admitted to taking “free” O.C. Fair concert tickets last year.  And he ate the “free” gourmet food offered to the Fair Board members and their crooked friends.  He was also seen at the Fair this year, with a “Willy Wonka” style “golden ticket” Fair pass hanging on a lanyard around his neck.  He just can’t help himself!

If anyone is a greedy pig feeding at the public trough it is none other than Matt/Jubal Cunningham!  He has NO room to admonish Correa!  I suggest that Lou ignore him and his red-faced colleagues.  Correa should do what he thinks is the right thing to do, period.  Whether or not that pleases Cunningham and company is immaterial.  They don’t live in Correa’s district and they don’t hail from his party.  So who cares what they have to say?

The California Republicans wouldn’t be in this fix if they weren’t so beholden to the Talibani wing of their party, which Cunningam hails from.  They also agreed to the gerrymandering scheme that protected their incumbents but made it almost impossible for them to win in swing districts – or in any of the blue districts.  The Republicans are a permament minority in Sacramento for a reason.

My advice to my former Republican colleagues is to dump the Talibani platform and focus on the issues that Californians will be willing to embrace – fighting new taxes; fighting government growth, waste and corruption; and upholding our infrastructure and public safety.  And they need to undo the gerrymandering scheme they agreed to.  Failing to do this will doom the GOP in California, for generations.

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