Lou Correa says no to higher taxes!

“In a move that could very well make him an outcast in his own party, Orange County Sen. Lou Correa of Santa Ana abstained from voting on the Democrats’ budget proposal to raise the sales tax this morning, dropping the plan three votes shy of passing,” according to the O.C. Register’s Total Buzz blog.

This of course is bound to drive Senate Leader Don Perata nuts.

Kudos to Lou for sticking to his guns and for upholding his campaign promise to not raise taxes.

Flash Report blogger Jon Fleischman recently threatened Correa over his campaign pledge, but I don’t think that is why Correa opted to not vote for the sales tax increase.  He could care less what some red-faced blogger has to say.

Correa is a rarity in politics – he is a man of honor.  And he is always honest with his constituents.  If Perata does go after him I can only hope that the FBI will speed up their investigation of Perata and drag him off in chains.  Wouldn’t that be a great ending to this tale?

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