How can you go wrong with the man who gave you the seatbelt?

Why not a third party candidate this year? Would it really be that crazy?

Barak Obama is currently running on the platform of change; change from the current administration’s policies, change in how the War in Iraq is being handled, and change in the economy. Here’s a thought, how about we take a chance and CHANGE how we vote. No more of this strong two party system. We have a Republican Party that has not been very Republican since early 2000. Today we have a much bigger government in comparison to eight years ago. More government invasion of our daily lives was a result of the Patriot Act (which sounded very American at the time; however Congress should have read it before they voted on it). Then when you add the constantly growing deficit, which according to the Associated Press July 2008, is expected to hit $482 billion in 2009, surpassing the previous record of $413 billion set in 2004.

On the other side of the same coin we have the Democratic Presidential nominee that is going the way of Kerri 2004. IF McCain starts to focus on the current Obamaisms then he stands a chance at shaking the credibility of Mr. Obama. His current change in policy is that of offshore drilling in order to lower energy/gas prices. Very short sided of for the potential future leader of the United States. This week Mr. Obama stated that he could “support broad energy legislation even though it would permit offshore oil drilling” (International Herald Tribue, August 3, 2008). A far cry from June 2008 when he viewed the effect of offshore drilling as “negligible at best since America only has 3% of the world’s oil” (CNN), one must wonder was it a change in heart or pocket money?

We need a president that is willing to stand up to the oil companies. One that will not change the subject to raising gas prices, while EXXON was busy posting another record high for the 2nd quarter of $11.68 billion dollar, our two major party candidates were busy complaining about who was getting the most media coverage and why. We need a candidate that will put out best interest first.

That’s right; I am talking about 2008 Independent Presidential Nominee Ralph Nader, who is no stranger to the presidential campaign circuit. He has run consistently since 1996; first as the 1996 & 2000 Green Party Candidate, later severing those ties and switching to run as the 2004 and now the 2008 Independent Party presidential nominee.

One thing that you have to give this man credit for is his spunk. Even as a third party candidate, he continues to believe that change is not only possible, but that he can be the man to truly bring about the needed policies. Nader has been one of the most consistent candidates in the Washington circle of politicians for years. To prove his consistency and how little progress has been made in the US these past four years, the Nader/ Gonzales 2008 campaign is running on the same policies that were prepared for the 2004 Nader/ Camejo bid for president.

Nader has made his profession as a champion for all consumers and the public in general. This is the person that helped bring about changes in car manufacturing. After the publication of his 1965 book, Unsafe at Any Speed, and before the passing of the Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966, seatbelts were considered a luxury device and sold only in high end vehicles or as aftermarket products. This law can be added to the long list of other legislation he has helped pass since the 1960’s, laws that every one has benefited from such as The Clean Water Act (1968), The Clean Air Act (1970), and the Consumer Product Safety Act.

Nader has also been instrumental in organizing the laws and rules that govern the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupation Safety and Health Act (OSHA), both in 1970, a busy year for him. Nader/ Gonzalez may just be the right combination at the right time; currently they are supporting the Apollo Alliance “Ten Point Plan for Good Jobs and Energy Independence.”  One that includes the investment in renewable resources such as solar, wind, and hopefully one day they will include tidal energy. This project may have a very large start up cost of $314 million, but after 10 years it pays for and supports itself. This would be the same amount of time that it would take for consumers to see the lower cost of fuel when it comes to offshore drilling and that of the Alaskan Coastline, only longer lasting affects and the removal our high national dependency for oil in foreign markets.

Nader has worked for us in the past, he can work for us in the future.

Currently the Nader/Gonzales campaign is running a contest: Win a diner with NADER. So I am throwing in my bid to win that very coveted ONE NIGHT WITH NADER.

Here’s the catch, I have to get people to sign up for their newsletters, sorry but you have to sigh up in order for me to get credit towards My One Night with NADER. Just read a couple of them and then unsubscribe on November 5th. Also the Nader/ Gonzales camp have made it very difficult to maneuver the website, so the simplest way is to send me your e-mail address (I promise NO spam or chain letter, I hate those things too) and I will send you the link so that you can sign up. The current leader has 290 people, contest ends August 7th….I think I can bet that.

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