DPOC endorses La Habra Council Candidate Daren Nigsarian

La Habra City Council candidate Daren Nigsarian had never attended a meeting of the Democratic Party of Orange County – but he did attend last night’s meeting.  It’s a good thing he did!  He came away with the DPOC endorsement – but getting it was no easy matter.

Nigsarian was there for another reason as well – La Habra Mayor Rose Espinoza asked him to vote in her stead as she was at a meeting of the OC Sanitation Board.

At any rate, Nigsarian was recommended for endorsement, by the DPOC’s endorsement committee, but then a fellow named Louie Contreras showed-up. He had filed for the La Habra City Council before he realized that he lived in a county “island” and was ineligible to run.  So of course he immediately rented a La Habra apartment and got his papers in on time.

However I am told that Contreras has almost no qualifications for council, although he is a very persistent young man. He ran against Jerry Lewis for congress in ’06 and he got 17% of the vote.

Nigsarian thought that Contreras might make a motion for endorsement despite not being recommended, using the argument that there are three seats open (including Rose and Mayor-pro-tem Beamish), so there should be three DPOC endorsements.  However in Nigsarian’s estimate such an endorsement would have only succeeded in pulling Democratic  votes away from his base.

So Nigsarian waited patiently to the end, and sure enough, Contreras scraped together a few folks to speak in favor of his motion.  Luckily, Susan Uballe, Monika Broome and Susan Freeze came to Nigsarian’s defense.  Nigsarian then had a chance to speak.  He explained the dynamics of his race – in particular that he is an emerging frontrunner who could still lose to Tim Shaw, a hard-right GOP lobbyist, if the Democratic votes get diluted. Fortunately for Nigsarian, when the vote was called, Contreras’ motion failed, although not by a huge margin.

Nigsarian was relieved to walk away with the DPOC’s endorsement, particularly on a night when two terrific Demcoratic candidates were not able to get the DPOC endorsement of their Garden Grove City Council campaigns – and when Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido also went home emptyhanded.

You can read more about Nigsarian’s campaign at this link.

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