Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle discussing governor Schwarzenegger’s stance on “no new taxes”

It’s a new day in American politics. On the news or in our email you see evidence of campaigns using the latest technology to reach the masses such as creating videos up-linked to YouTube where anyone with a computer can watch these short clips at no cost whenever they choose.

For the past ten years the Cutting Edge-a talk show has been “on the road” covering a wide spectrum of events from medical and financial conferences to appearances by elected officials including both members of the First Family and VP Cheney to others in Orange County.

Let me take you back to July 26, 2006 where we covered governor Schwarzenegger’s appearance at Triangle Park in Placentia during his road trip around the state campaigning for his reelection. The title of the program is “The Arnold Express.”

The following is a transcript of Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle’s introduction of the governor prior to the governor’s Town Hall appearance in the park.

Mayor Pringle: “It is tough when you have a Democrat control of both houses of the can’t do anything you want. You can’t accomplish everything..because the governor is one vote, the final vote, but it is those legislative bodies that will decide what get’s to  xx(unclear words) but even with that pressure, he has accomplished great things and I will tell you as a fiscal conservative it is so right to have the governor overseeing the fiscal policy of this state (applause) a governor that found a $16 billion hole in our structural budget and said this is where we are and figured out.. from this point forward..even without charge of the Legislature..and even with a very important principle.. and that is he made a commitment then, and he’s made a commitment now, that he will insure that he will govern without any increase in taxes…no new taxes.”

To hear governor Schwarzenegger’s comments, and his Q&A with those in attendance, simply go to the following link.

Note: The above transcribed remarks of Mayor Pringle can be viewed and heard between 3:45 minutes into the program and conclude at 5 minutes.

Take your pick. OC Register or LA Times. Both of this morning’s editions report confidential negotiations with the governor in which it alleges his requesting a “temporary but immediate one cent hike in the state sales tax.” Times. “Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear declined to discuss the sales tax proposal, saying the talks were confidential.” Register.

Gilbert final remarks. No. I have not broken the 11th Commandment. (“Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican”) Sadly our governor has become a RINO

And for those arm chair politico’s. Knowing we have 80 different members of the Assembly and 40 in the state Senate, what proposal can you provide that would convince 2/3rds of them to solve this current fiscal challenge?

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