Will the Mission Viejo city council reject the Rose Parade float?

For those who have not been following  this story the city of Mission Viejo budgeted between $300,000 and $350,000 for a Rose Parade float to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Having just received a reply to my Public Record request it appears that the city council may have budgeted for, but never approved, any Contract for any firm to build a float for the Jan 1st Rose Parade.

So we have an ad hoc team of Mayor Kelley and Council member MacLean marching down the road with a verbal commitment for the float, front row tickets and reserved parking that have no official approvals?

The Mission Viejo Records Management Coordinator’s email begins with my request  that follow:
1. (Is there a) Contract for the Jan 1, 2009 Rose Parade Float.
3. Does the float Contract contain an escape clause? If so, what is the penalty?

2.  (Have we issued a) Purchase order or verbal commitment for Rose Parade seating and parking.

His reply reads:
Referring to #1 and #3. “In answer to these requests. This contract has not been finalized or approved by the City Council, so there is no contract to provide as yet.”

For #2 he reports that “it is my understanding that there may have been a preliminary verbal commitment for seating and/or parking.”
Wait a minute. Apparently the float Contract is already in some draft form PRIOR TO a council vote? A verbal commitment has been made for seating before the council votes their approval? Is this to be interpreted as a predetermined “slam dunk” and we become rubber stamps for this feel good expenditure?

Let’s see if our hammering this issue on the Orange Juice blog causes them to reconsider this waste of taxpayer money when they consider this item on the August 18th (or any later) Agenda.

OK readers. Now is the time to become part of this exercise. You can now become part of this countywide focus group. At a time when residents are struggling to make ends meet, some losing their homes to foreclosure, retired citizens burning through their savings to keep  up with inflation, etc. should the council majority reject the upcoming Contract. Yes or no please.

I will share  your inputs with the council as they vote this self  promotion up or down.

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