R.E.D. Alert: Floral Park – What is your house worth?


R.E.D.(Real Estate Diversion) Alert. When you need to take a break from politics, give your mind a rest in Real Estate.

My House is Worth What  is a hit real estate show on HGTV that wants to give homeowners tips on how to make the best investments in their home. What we do is evaluate homes that have been remodeled/updated/restored by the current owners, consider the improvements made and the costs paid, and provide feedback on whether or not those changes added value & marketability… Or Not!  We will select a local Realtor to provide the evaluation on camera.

We are looking for approx. 3 homes in Orange County, and we are specifically interested in Floral Park and Downtown Historic Orange.  However, we are open to other homes….

                                                             in the area provided that they meet the following requirements:

-Homeowners must be personable, lively, excited to be on camera
-Must have made changes, improvements, updates to their home
-Must be willing to discuss how much they spent on their home and on these changes and let a Realtor give them a current market value for their home
-They must not plan on putting their house on the market before we shoot (before the end of 2008)
-Ideally, we are looking for homes that have charm, are particular to Orange County, that will show well on TV

Anyone interested should e-mail Holly ASAP at holly_schwartz@pietown.tv.

If you need any other info, please let me know!

Any Takers?  Hey, this could be the perfect solution to the Twist-Basler House situation!    😉

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