Phil Gramm’s faux pas revealed how Republicans feel about the economy, the poor and the middle class

Folks knock Republicans because they appear to be insensitive to the poor and the middle class.  But this week’s outrageous scandal regarding John McCain’s adviser, Phil Gramm, takes the cake.  Here is how the Dallas Morning News put it:

Phil Gramm is known for shooting first and aiming later. So we’re a nation of whiners, huh?. There’s a huge difference between whining and worrying about the future., i.e. potential loss of jobs, homes, retirement savings, energy costs and overall standards of living.

It’s sure hard for Republicans to paint Obama as elitist and out of touch when folks like Gramm simply dismiss real economic uncertainty as all mental. AMAZING.

Gramm has no excuse for saying that our current recession is a “mental recession.”  And try as he may, McCain won’t be able to outrun those words.

The question is, do Republicans really feel this way?  Do they really think there is no recession?

I wonder.  I was a Republican for most of my life.  I served on both the OC GOP and the CA GOP Central Committees.  I ran Republican campaigns.  I served as the OC GOP Hispanic Outreach Director.  As such I am uniquely qualified to judge this party.  And I hate to say it but the GOP is indeed out of touch with the working poor and the middle class.

Just take a look at how the OC GOP conducts Latino outreach.  They take a bunch of rich “Hispanics” and start a group called the “Hispanic 100.”  Then they tout these people as endorsers of white candidates that hate Mexicans.  And they appoint them to lofty positions locally and in Sacramento.

Case in point, Santa Ana Clowncilman Carlos Bustamante.  He has been the OC GOP’s golden boy in the Latino community for some time.  He has NO CLUE as to what the poor people of Santa Ana are going through.  He is an overpaid manager at the County of Orange.  Yet Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed him to TWO state commisions.  Luckily Bustamante’s “booby” scandal resulted in him quitting the state commissions this week.

Others who have benefited by being token Latinos include Rosario Marin, who is in charge of a whole slew of state agencies in Sacramento, and John Cruz, another Hispanic 100 member, who is Schwarzenegger’s appointments secretary.  Cruz is the one who thought appointing Bustamante to two state commissions was a good idea.  You’re doing a great job Johnny!

All of these folks are out of touch with those who don’t make over six figures a year.  Like Gramm they simply have no clue.  Fortunately when Schwarzenegger is replaced by a Democrat in a few years they will all be out of work.  Maybe we will get lucky and they will all move to Texas and keep the retired G.W. Bush company.

This November the nation’s working poor and middle class voters have only one true choice for President.  His name is Barack Obama.

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