How come Miguel Pulido and the Santa Ana City Council aren’t opposing Prop. 8?

“Laguna Beach, long a gay-friendly community, followed Los Angeles’ lead as one of the first cities to reject a ballot measure that would ban same-sex marriage,” according to the L.A. Times.

What about the City of Santa Ana?  Our City Council is almost majority Democrat.  There is only one Republican on our City Council – lame Clowncilman Carlos Bustamante.  Why hasn’t Mayor Miguel Pulido asked his fellow Clowncil Members to do what Laguna Beach just did?

Could it be that Pulido is staying away from this issue because his buddy Bustamante won’t support it?  And what about Clowncilman David Benavides?  He graduated from Biola University and used to be a minister.  Perhaps Benavides is not too happy about gay marriage?

Why isn’t mayoral candidate Michele Martinez, who is supposed to be a progressive, making a big stink about this?  Shouldn’t she be taking the lead on uniting the Clowncil against Prop. 8?  Doesn’t she believe in allowing gay marriage?

Back to Pulido – how does he expect to garner the endorsement of his party, the DPOC, if he can’t or won’t stand up for gay civil rights?

Kudos to the Laguna Beach City Council.  Too bad the Democrats on the Santa Ana City Clowncil – and their GOP ally Bustamante, can’t get their act together with regard to gay civil rights.

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