Dana Rohrabacher’s re-election chances downgraded to “likely”

Debbie Cook

Can Huntington Beach Mayor Debbie Cook beat Congressman Dana Rohrabacher in the 46th Congressional District?

“Charlie Cook’s Cook Political Report, a leading predictor of congressional races each year, just put out an update and has downgraded Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s re-election from “solid Republican” to “likely Republican,” according to the Total Buzz blog.

“The upgrade represents the only movement in solid Republican districts on the West Coast. Notably, it’s the first Orange County congressional race to be considered competitive since Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez’s 1996 race against incumbent Bob Dornan. Movement in the Cook Political Report (no relation to the candidate) is considered significant, because it is closely watched by political insiders, the media and the national political parties,” according to a press release from Debbie Cook’s campaign that was published in the Orange Punch blog.

According to a public commenter on the Orange Punch blog, ” Diane Feinstein carried the 46th district in 2006 and Barbara Boxer only lost by 9,000 votes in 2004.” And I would imagine that many Republicans in Orange County will stay home on Election Day rather than vote for John McCain.

Dana Rohrabacher is nuts

Could Rohrabacher be in trouble? Like the similarly ousted former Congressman Bob Dornan, Rohrabacher seems to be intent on focusing on strange issues, such as asteroids and putting women’s panties on people’s heads. To say that Rohrabacher is out of touch with his constituents is an understatement. He is a dinosaur. And Cook, by contrast, appears to be a caring, down-to-earth individual that people can rally behind. She certainly is a lot more photogenic than the graying Rohrabacher.

Wouldn’t it be something to toss Rohrabacher out of Congress? You can help by donating to Cook.

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