Crazed State Senator left a stupid law behind on the way out

Today is the day we are supposed to start using hands-free equipment to answer our cell phones while we drive.  This is the law that former Democratic legislator Carole Migden (pictured above) pushed for – ironically she went crazy after it passed and hit several cars while driving eratically on the freeway.  She said at the time she was on some kind of medication.  Now she has been voted out of office entirely!

Migden’s removal from the legislature is just rewards for writing a stupid law.  The fact is, experts have already proven that hands-free equipment won’t save you.  Being on the phone while driving is distracting even IF you are using a bluetooth ear piece.  The problem is that you are driving but your mind is elsewhere.  God knows where Migden’s mind was when she took her wild toad ride!

According to published accounts, Migden was reading and talking on the phone while she drove eratically at high speeds, weaving through the lanes and cutting people off.  Supposedly Migden yelled at someone during her crazed trip telling them that “I’m a Senator!”  Well, not anymore you ding-dong!

Migden also received a $350,000 fine for campaign finance violation.  That didn’t help her reelection campaign.  “San Francisco and Marin County Democrats threw state Sen. Carole Migden out of office when they chose her challenger, Assemblyman Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), by a wide margin,” according to the L.A. Times.

So remember Migden today when you put on your Blue Tooth ear piece.  Like so many legislators, current and former, she believed in telling us what to do while she did something entirely different.  Thank God the Democratic voters in her district figured her out and tossed her out of office!

As for Migden’s legacy, the law she introduced will “Prohibit all drivers from using handheld, wireless phones while driving. Those age 18 or older can use a hands-free device. Drivers under 18 cannot use wireless phones or hands-free devices.” The penalties: First-time offenders will be fined $20; fines go up to $50 for each additional conviction. (Sacramento Bee).

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