A 4th to Remember!

There has never quite been a 4th of July in memory……that seemed quite as strange as this one seems to be!  In memory of our 232 years of dedicated Independence from England…..we are facing a most unusual array of events which may color the future of our great nation for many years to come.

There have been many 4th of July’s when we have been engaged in a war or two!  This one serves as no exception.  There have been many 4th of July’s when our economy has been “a little out of whack”.  This one serves as no exception.  There have been many 4th of July’s when social change presented a variety of new and exciting challenges and changes.  This one serves as no exception.  There have been many 4th of July’s when those in elected office seemed to have their own well being in the fore front….with the desires of the citizens….lingering far, far, far in the back of their minds.  This one serves has no exception!

In this most challenging year…it makes sense to also have a National Presidential Election.  Let it be one that offers up the first Black Candidate for one of the two major parties in history.  Let it be one that offers an aging Senator who was captured and held as a Prisoner of War for five years….the first such candidate for a major political party.  Let 2008 be a year which will bring the end to many great American companies.  Perhaps mergers with other International Companies.  Let 2008 be a year which will see millions of Americans face economic disaster due to energy cost, rising food cost, rising healthcare cost, rising government costs, rising cost for transportation, rising federal costs for bail-outs of great companies – financial and otherwise!

In 2008, we are being asked as citizens of the United States to pay down the cost of doing business for the last 15 years!  It was actually 1993 when the Japanese economy tanked.  It was 1998, when the Asian Tigers of Malaysia, Korea and the Phillipines did the greatest of tanking.  It was 1992, when the Russian economy was faced with its “Economic Shock Therapy  with great Hyperinflation!”  The take-over and sale of Russian Oil giant Lukin Oil…took place in 2000.  The Russian “Nationalization of Lukin Oil” took place two years ago! 

Cycles….the world is loaded with cycles.  This year, we are suffering from a water shortage in California.  We are suffering from a 16 billion dollar deficit and with another 8 billion waiting in the wings.  This year our Governor is asking us not to utilize fireworks on the 4th of July because of the fire dangers.  Everywhere you might look…you see Fireworks stands!  Telling Americans not to celebrate their Independence, eat a hot dog or hamburger, drink a beer, watch or play baseball at the company picnic, watch several firework displays….wear a silly patriotic hat, t-shirt or put up a banner….is all downright UnAmerican!  What next…..do away with Popcorn and movies? What will happen when they foreclose on the family home, we lose our guaranteed pensions, lose our jobs and the cost of everything…goes through the roof?

Our 232nd, 4th of July needs a positive look.  We need to understand that no matter what may divide us…..our joy for the Freedoms that became ours in 1776….are worthy and brought to us through pure desire, brave actions and divine intervention.  Whether it was in fact simply greedy, slave owning, land owners……who were being taxed and abused too much….or it was a greater will…..a greater need to see an opportunity for equality, for an opportunity to guide and direct future events that would secure a better life for the children and progeny to come……..whatever it was………it has been good.  Perhaps we are here to show the world the power of positive thinking, the great optimism to do great things – in the face of severe consequences!

Our job on this 4th of July……is to do better.  To honor those of our fallen heroes and forefathers that gave so that we could live as we do now.  It is now our job to create an honest, loving and caring world.  It is our job to set the standard for freedom……and not to follow any of the nay sayers that want indentured goverment, a limit on public services and great taxes with more government intervention in our daily lives.  It will be a big job.  It will take lots of hot dogs, hamburgers, beer and fireworks!  But together we can do it.  We can do it…because our forefathers sacrificed so that we could fight another day!  We can do it….because, although we argue and fight all the time…..it is our fight and our country!

God Bless America……and Happy 4th of July – 2008!


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