O.C. Deputy Sheriffs have been ripping us off for a long time

The O.C. Deputy Sheriff\'s have been ripping us off for a long time.

The O.C. Register published the results of their investigation into the overtime hours accrued by Orange County Deputy Sheriffs on Friday. Their major finding was that “The department calculated its “savings” using the salary and overtime rates of the most expensive deputies. If the department had assigned new deputies to work even half of the overtime accrued by deputy sheriff II’s in the jails, it could have saved more than $500,000 per year. If officials had replaced half of jail deputies with more basic law enforcement officers – such as special officers or correctional officers – they could have saved as much as $10million.”

Former interim Sheriff Jack Anderson tried to cover up by saying that the County was saving money by paying overtime instead of hiring new deputies. But the Register’s researched nullified his comments.

This should not be too hard to understand. Allowing Deputies to retire early at 50 with incredible benefits and pensions has created a huge problem for the County as they are now continuously understaffed. And allowing Deputies to work only a few days a month and get overtime pay for the rest of their hours is killing the Sheriff’s budget. The combination of these two stupidities has screwed Orange County taxpayers. We have disgraced former Sheriff Mike Carona to blame for much of this – but the O.C. Supervisors also deserve much of the blame.

Perhaps our new Sheriff, Sandra Hutchens, will work with the current Supervisors to undo the damage. It is too bad that the Deputy Sheriffs got away with all of this for so long. Obviously their union did a good job or ripping us off.

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