Both McCain and Obama are against gay marriage

“GOP presidential candidate John McCain has endorsed the November ballot measure to ban same-sex marriage in California,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

While this news is not a surprise, I was shocked to find out that Barack Obama also opposes gay marriage.  What’s up with that?  I am dismayed by this.

Obama has not made a decision to back the anti gay marriage ballot measure.  He is on the record as saying that states should decide what to do with gay marriage.

Is America ready for a president who supports gay marriage? I thought so.  I guess Obama and the Democrats disagree.  How very disappointing.  As for McCain, this is just one more reason not to vote for him.

Will McCain’s move to support this measure help him in California?  Maybe.  According to an L.A. Times poll, “Overall, it was leading 54% to 35% among registered voters. But because ballot measures on controversial topics often lose support during the course of a campaign, strategists typically want to start out well above the 50% support level.”

So the poll results are inconclusive.  Let’s just say that those of us who are against this measure have our work cut out for us.  If these poll numbers prevail, Obama might lose some votes to McCain but I don’t see any way that McCain can win California.  It just seems inconceivable.

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