Was Dina Nguyen’s brother arrested in a huge international drug bust?

Dina and her mom

This has not been a good night for the Trannies. Not only did Hoa Van Tran see his campaign for the First Supervisorial District collapse when two of his cholo campaign workers were arrested for attempted murder, but now evidence has come to my attention that Dina Nguyen’s alleged brother may be an even worse maldito than Van Tran’s gang banger staffers.

On December 7, 2007, a fellow that has been fingered as Dina’s brother (or half-brother), who goes by the name of Vinh Hoang Tran, was arrested for his involvement in a major international drug ring. Dina’s parents, who own a house on Cherokee, in Westminster, put up their house for the $150,000 surety bond. That means his bail was $1.5 million and they put up ten percent. He is thought to be currently under house arrest and he is likely (although not known for certain) staying at the Cherokee house.

The house was originally purchased by Dina and Hung Vu in 1989 (listed as husband and wife, although there are no marriage records) and then Hung Vu quitclaimed the property to Dina in 1992. She sold the house to her parents in 1995 and the last time she reports living there was in 2001.

The drug bust that resulted in Vinh Hoang Tran’s arrest was HUGE. “Orange County was only one of several stops in an international scheme in which ringleaders transported marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and methamphetamines across four countries to make the highest profit, authorities said,” according to the O.C. Register.

Here are a few more excerpts from the Register’s article:

Dina\'s brother busted for drug sales

Leaders took advantage of lax laws to cheaply produce drugs, and then smuggled them through Canada, Mexico, Australia and the United States to sell at the highest possible prices, said Jose Martinez, spokesman for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Six of the 10 individuals named in a federal indictment resided in Orange County, in Westminster, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach and Anaheim, Martinez said. They were arrested Dec. 5, 6 and 7 as authorities served search warrants across California.

Thai Phi Do, 34, of Santa Ana and Luan Nguyen, 43, of Westminster, were the alleged heads of the cell in Orange County, Martinez said. The two took direction from 23-year-old Minh Tan Le, who investigators said led the entire operation from Vancouver, Canada, he said.

About $2 million in cash, 55,000 pills of ecstasy and 18 pounds of methamphetamine were seized in the investigation, which was dubbed Ramen Noodle by officials.

Also named in the indictment were Vinh Hoang Tran, 39, of Westminster; Trang Thuy Nguyen, 33, of Garden Grove; Huy Ich Nguyen, 50, of Huntington Beach; Marco Antonio Garcia, 40, of Anaheim; Truong Lam Ngo, 35, of Sydney, Australia; Joshua Lee Clark, 27, of Lake Elsinore; and Jinfa Wang, 52, of Rosemead.

High-volume narcotic sales in the United States, Mexico and Canada helped to aid the operation, an investigator said.

According to officials, large quantities of marijuana and ecstasy were transported from Canada to the United States, where they were sold in large quantities.

The money derived from sales in the United States was then transported by vehicle across the border to Mexico, Martinez said.

Ironic, isn’t it? Dina and the Trannies LOVE to complain about Mexicans. She even joined Assemblyman Van Tran and a plane full of Trannies in a tour of our border with Mexico, where they all ripped Mexican immigrants, as we reported previously. And now we find out that it is very likely that her own brother was involved in drug deals that sent boatloads of money to Mexican drug dealers!

You can read more about the arrest of Vinh Hoang Tran at this link. The court documents are available here. And the DEA published an article about the arrest here. In the court document you will see that Dina’s parents put up the Cherokee house as bail collateral to get Vinh Hoang Tran out of jail.

If all of this checks out, Dina Nguyen is as finished as Hoa Van Tran. How can we even think of voting for candidates whose family and staffers are steeped in crime? Supervisors have oversight over the Sheriff’s department! Be sure to take this into account when you vote on June 3.

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