The man behind the Hoa Van Tran cholos…Edgardo Reynoso

Edgar Reynoso\'s Legion of Cholos

Meet Edgardo Reynoso. He is State Senator Lou Correa’s brother in law. And he has been a very bad boy. He has personally recruited the cholos working for Hoa Van Tran and now that move is blowing up in his face. Two of his cholo staffers are now in jail. I think more will be joining them soon.

I have personally heard from a half dozen people who are now afraid for their lives because Reynoso’s Legion of Cholos has been harassing them. Businesses have been tagged, people have been shot, and the pelones are now asking around town for others who are supporting Supervisor Janet Nguyen.

Shame on the DPOC for not stopping this when they could do so, by pulling their endorsement of Van Tran.

The fact is, Reynoso goes way back with his party and with Correa. Consider these excerpts from a Red County article that was published under the guise of the old OC Blog back in December of 2006:


As the DPOC’s new Field Director, Reynoso will be responsible for implementing a year-round targeted field effort that will focus on important races and precincts throughout the county.

Reynoso previously served in the same capacity for Lou Correa’s successful campaign for State Senate. Prior to this experience, he was Campaign Manager for Correa’s race for County Supervisor, leading an effort that elected Correa to the Board as the first Democrat in many years. Reynoso brings an exceptional ability to connect with volunteers and activists of all backgrounds, as well as a comprehensive understanding of field operations and strategy.

“With the race to replace Lou Correa as Supervisor less than two months away, there are few people who know this District better than Edgardo Reynoso. He is the right person to lead our field efforts and will help us ensure that another Democrat is elected to this seat,” Barbaro said.

Lou Correa

The question must be asked. Did Correa (pictured above) run interference for Reynoso at the last DPOC Central Committee meeting? Did Correa ask DPOC Chairman Frank Barbaro to intervene? Did Reynoso use cholos on the Correa campaigns he worked on? Did Correa know? This is NOT going to help Correa when he comes up for reelection.

I am also told that one of Correa’s own sons is in the picture at the top of this post, which is courtesy of Red County. Can anyone corroborate that? If so, not good!

So what does Reynoso have to say about all this? Here is a Reynoso quote from the O.C. Register: “Reynoso countered that flashing hand signs and wearing tattoos don’t necessarily make anybody a gang member.” Sure Edgardo, and just because something has whiskers and it meows doesn’t make it a gato. Whatever.

What about Barbaro? Read his above-referenced quote again. He clearly has a man crush on Reynoso. But now Reynoso and his band of cholos is threatening to undermine everything that Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez worked so hard to achieve in Central Orange County. Like it or not, the DPOC is now the Cholo Party. Don’t think the OC GOP won’t be running with that theme in their future campaigns.

And check out this retarded Barbaro quote from the O.C. Register, “I have certainly seen enough in the paper that there may be some folks who are not too savory who are hanging around the Ho Van Tran campaign,” Barbaro said. “But I have not seen anything from the campaign other than they are thoroughly opposed to gangs.” Barbaro appears to be an utter pendejo.

As for Reynoso, will he end up in the slammer before this is all over? And when will Correa speak up about this mess? The longer Correa stays silent the more it looks like he is complicit in the Reynoso cholo scandal.

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