The blog they don’t want you to read!

The Democratic Party of Orange County used to include a link to this blog, the Orange Juice, on their web page. I took a look at their site today however and saw that they have removed our link. The ironic thing is that they still list Red County/OC Blog, which is essentially the GOP machine blog.

Why would the DPOC list a Republican blog on their site, but remove the Orange Juice? It doesn’t make any sense. Our staff of writers includes several Democrats, including Vern Nelson, who was recently given a regional Volunteer of the Year award by the Democratic Party of California. Other Democrats on our staff include Aria Ghafari, who hails from Orange County but is in fact a very active College Democrat over at UCLA. He is also working on the Barack Obama campaign. And we also have Sarah Michele Spinosa on our team. She is a Democrat who at one time this year was working on a Democratic congressional campaign. Our blog team also includes Tish Leon, a Democrat who ran for the Santa Ana City Council and is currently a Parks and Recreation Commissioner in Santa Ana.

How many Democratic writers are on Red County/OC Blog? As far as I know, that would be NONE. Not to mention that their mission is to defeat the Democrats!

There are folks in the OC blogosphere who knock us, but the fact is our blog is one of the big three in Orange County, when it comes to political blogging. And we consistently rank in the top ten in California, on the Blognetnews political blog rankings. We are in fact currently ranked number three in the state, behind Red County/OC Blog and Liberal OC.

The fact is, we are the blog they don’t want you to read. We have had our link removed from Red County/OC Blog, and for awhile our link was being purposefully sent to the wrong site, over at Liberal OC. There is no reason for any of these blogs to do this. It is a disservice to their readers. But they do it for a reason. We are the only political blog in town that tells it like it is. And the powers that be don’t like that one bit.

Case in point, the Chairmen of BOTH the OC GOP and the DPOC were both implicated in the recent scandal involving local politicians helping themselves to free concert tickets at the OC Fair, at the expense of taxpayers. This major story was utterly ignored by both the local red and blue blogs. We on the other hand listed the names of those who took these tickets. That is what we are here for.

This blog was the first political blog in Orange County and we recently surpassed one million page views. We are openly despised by the red and the blue, but we keep doing what we do best – exposing the malfeasance of local elected officials, from both parties.

I thank you for reading this blog, just know that this is the blog THEY don’t want you to read!

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