Supervisor Janet Nguyen is the only decent candidate for the 1st District

Janet Nguyen for Supervisor

Dan C., over at the Liberal OC, wrote a very lengthy post today about the mess that his party’s candidate, Hoa Van Tran, has caused. He points out a number of reasons why Van Tran, and the other Trannie candidate, Dina Nguyen, are pathetic and not worth voting for. In my estimate, these problems include:

  • The lame mailers from both Van Tran and Dina. Each campaign has misspelled their own URLs, resulting in a hilarious consequence – the misspelled URLs link to gay porn sites.
  • The problems with recordkeeping. Van Tran just can’t seem to file his finance reports on time – and even when he does turn them in they are not accurate. Dina has her own issues – most of the time she has to rely on other Trannies to do her papework. She is a lawyer and she can’t figure out simple forms!
  • The cholo problem. Van Tran hired a bunch of cholos. His campaign manager tried to run a former staffer off the freeway. His cholos have been intimidating and attacking people. Not good!

Despite all this, Dan C. cannot accept that Supervisor Nguyen is the best candidate for the First District. Why? Because she is a Republican. Dan C. is SO rabidly blue that he is blue in the face! It is ridiculous. The County Supervisors are NON-PARTISAN! Doesn’t Dan C. know this? Is he daft?

Secondly, didn’t we learn from former Supervisor Lou Correa’s example that being the ONLY Democrat on the O.C. Board of Supervisors pretty much sucks? Correa could not move any of his agenda. Supervisor Nguyen CAN accomplish a hell of a lot more than any Democrat could, period. And the rest of the O.C. is not likely to be electing Democrats anytime soon, with the possible exception of Chris Norby’s district, which is now majority Latino. But of course the Democrats will run a white guy for that seat, naturally.

I am so tired of this rampant partisanship – as are many voters. Look at how many California voters have quit the GOP and the Dems in the last few years. There is a reason they are leaving these parties in droves. But Dan C. doesn’t seem to get it.

This is why Orange County needs the Orange Juice. The Republicans over at Red County are not much better than Dan C. and his blue mates at the LIberal OC. The irony is that both parties are rife with corrupt politicians and inept partisan hacks. Just look at the recent O.C. Fair concert ticket scandal. The chairmen of BOTH the OC GOP and the DPOC were guilty of taking concert tickets at public expense. And so were a veritable who’s who of Democrats and Republicans. It was sickening, but the scandal served to remind me that both of these parties want POWER and the freebies and handouts that come with it. No surprise then that they each have local blogs that serve only to fan ultra-partisan flames.

Yes, I do support Supervisor Nguyen. But believe me, if she ever gives me a reason to slam her, I will do it. In general I don’t like politicians and I don’t like politics. I cover local politics here on this blog primarily so I can rip the scummy O.C. politicians who get too big for their britches, or who are on the take, or who simply are not doing their jobs.

The Red and Blue County bloggers take great pride in their political contacts. When Red County editor Matt Cunningham had a St. Patrick’s Day party at his house, there were plenty of politicians there from both parties, and the usual red and blue groupies. I would NEVER invite these people to my house! I have no interest in doing such a thing. Our job as bloggers is to cover what they are doing, not get in bed with them.

And so unlike Dan C. I can tell you that I am supporting a candidate for the First District – incumbent Supervisor Janet Nguyen. And I can promise you that if she ever strays and stops doing her job, or goes on the take, I will let her have it. Until then, I will continue to focus my ire on Van Tran, Dina and the ultra-partisans who can’t seem to realize the obvious – Supervisor Nguyen IS preferable to the Trannie candidates, period.

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