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Bloggers Wanted

The Orange Juice blog is looking for a few new bloggers! Unlike the other political blogs in town, we don’t require that you belong to a particular party. We will take Republicans, Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, DTS, etc. Even Commies!

All we ask is that you be able to write intelligently about politics in your town and about politics in general.

It was our policy before not to accept anonymous bloggers, however now that we have redesigned our blog I am open to adding anonymous bloggers with the understanding that they must have a good reason for posting in that fashion. I do know many political activists who cannot use their real names because it will get them in trouble. I will take some heat for this adjustment in our policy, but so be it. It is a new day for the Orange Juice and we need some help!

In terms of what we have to offer YOU, consider that this is the first political blog in Orange County, established in 2003. Last year we were selected as the Best Local O.C. Blog, by our friends at the OC Weekly. We hope to be in the running again this year. Our team includes some of the best political bloggers in Orange County, from cities including Huntington Beach, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Mission Viejo and Newport Beach. You will be joining a team that is NOT interested in selling out. Our main mission is to let our readers know what is REALLY going on in O.C. politics, sans the spin you will be fed at the O.C. red and blue blogs.

If you are interested, please email me and let me know. If you want to blog anonymously, I need to know who you are, but NO ONE else will know. You have my promise of that. This blog does NOT reveal the identity of our anonymous readers and commenters and we won’t out our anonymous bloggers either.

A word of warning, both the local Dems and the local Reeps have it in for us. Our link has been removed from the local red blog and from the DPOC blog. So be it. We won’t kiss anyone’s derriere. We don’t need them. Our readership has already expanded by 25% since we redesigned our blog, and we continue to be ranked amongst the Top 10 political blogs in the entire State of California, by our friends at the BlogNetNews service. Understand that joining our team will give you a massive bully pulpit, but it may irk the red and blue partisans in town, so be prepared for that.

Thanks for reading the Orange Juice. I hope that the bravest amongst you will join our blog team!

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