Is Measure G doomed?

I am hearing that less than 15% of Latino voters will actually be voting in the June primary. My pajarito also says that the Vietnamese vote is not going to be what it was in the last Supervisorial election. The dominant vote in Santa Ana, and the rest of the First Supervisorial District, is going to be white voters.

Latino voters don’t have many reasons to vote on June 3. The biggest race in town, for the First District, features three Vietnamese candidates and NO Latinos, as the DPOC could not get their act together and actually recruit a decent candidate. They got stuck with Hoa Van Tran, who got in hot water recently because he hired cholos to work for his campaign.

What does that mean for the SAUSD Measure G, which is a bond measure/tax increase? That campaign has targeted Latinos from day one and at this point it looks like they blew it.

The fact is, white voters in Santa Ana are not likely to vote to raise their property taxes while we are in a deep recession. Many of these voters have their kids in private schools, or are older and don’t have kids at home anymore. They aren’t likely to buy the B.S. coming out of the Measure G campaign.

As for Latinos, I don’t think that the Measure G crowd should automatically assume their support. We already passed a huge bond measure in Santa Ana just a few years ago. And Latino working families are likely worried about THEIR taxes too.

Will Measure G completely flop on June 3? I certainly hope so. You don’t reward ineptitude with more money. Until we see more accountability at the SAUSD, they deserve NOTHING from us! Vote NO on Measure G!

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