A new Orange Juice is coming soon!

Dear Readers,

First, allow me to thank all of you for making the Orange Juice one of the top political blogs in California. I have big news. We are going to try in the next few days to transition from our old blogger.com software to WordPress software. This is a very big deal. While we do this, we will continue to host our current blog at our www.orangejuiceblog.com URL. We will however be removing the ad frames. Concurrently, we will be setting up our new blog at our other URL, www.theorangejuice.com. Once we are done, we will abandon the old format altogether and both URLs will link to the new blog.

Our new blog is going to be UNBELIEVABLE. We are going to provide RSS feeds to EVERY political blog in Orange County. And we are NOT going to play any games with the links. We are going to list EVERY OC political blog without deleting those we disagree with, or referring readers to the wrong sites. We simply won’t be playing such games.

We want to make the Orange Juice THE top political blog in Orange County. Going to the WordPress platform will only be the first step. We will also be stepping up efforts to bring on new bloggers to our team.

We already feature writers from a number of OC cities, including Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Mission Viejo, Santa Ana, and Newport Beach. If you live in other communities in Orange County and are interested in joining our blog team, please email me your bio and let me know what sort of political and/or community experience you have.

The Orange Juice blog was Orange County’s first political blog, established in 2003. We were selected last year as the OC Weekly’s Best Local Blog in Orange County. We recently surpassed one million page views. Now we are aiming to expand our services and our blog team in order to continue to our mission of revealing what is REALLY going on in Orange County politics, sans partisan spinnery.

The red and blue blogs in town are not very happy that we are continuing to shed light on what their pet politicians are up to. Too bad for them! We are not going to water down our content anytime soon with endless press releases touting one schmuck or another. That’s not how we roll. Sure, we will put up such releases occasionally, but we will continue to be the top Orange County political blog when it comes to original content.

We will also be working harder to expand our advertising. If you are interested in finding out more about what we can do to promote your campaign, business or service, please email me your contact information.

Thanks again for reading the Orange Juice. Please be patient while we get our new blog up and running. We appreciate your support.

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