Why Hoa?

One of the bloggers at the local blue blog has been foaming at the mouth over Democratic Supervisorial candidate Hoa Van Tran of late. So I decided to take a closer look at this virtually unknown candidate, who is taking on incumbent First District Supervisor Janet Nguyen.

There have been numerous allegations that Hoa is in league with Assemblyman Van Tran. I understand that he NEVER speaks ill of him or his acolytes, whom I call the “Trannies.” But let us set that aside for the moment and scrutinize what little information is out there about Hoa, who for some reason is using a karaoke picture as his official campaign portrait. (But can he do Sinatra?)

We will start with a look at Hoa’s website. He has nothing to say about the precarious state of Orange County finances. It is well known that our County government has some troubling issues in that area, including the incompetence of Orange County Treasurer Chriss Street and the ridiculous pension increased for public employees that a previous board voted for. There is no mention of these problems on Hoa’s site. Strike one.

Hoa does say that “My top priority as Supervisor will be health care and parks.” I wonder where Hoa plans to put these parks? The First District is completely built up. I am a big fan of public space, but realistically the only way we are going to get any more parks in the First District is to demolish buildings. I am all for that, but is there a chance in hell that the cities in the First District will go along with this? Look at how Santa Ana fumbled the ball with Centennial Park!

As for health care, what can one Supervisor do about that? And what can Hoa do that Supervisor Nguyen is not doing? This looks like a useless exercise in semantics by Hoa. In fact he has NOTHING to say about how exactly he plans to have an impact in this area. Strike Two.

Ask the residents of the First District what their top priorities are. I suspect stopping crime will be number one on the list. Which brings me to another point. Supervisor Nguyen has been a LEADER on the issue of conducting a proper national search for our next Sheriff. She is the ONLY Supervisor who NEVER endorsed the ousted Mike Carona, to her credit. Hoa has NOTHING to say about this issue, which is unbelievable.

Hoa does, to be fair, have this to say about crime, “As your Supervisor, I will fight to reduce crime by investing in police. We must support our brave police, soldiers and firefighters.” Again, empty words from an apparently empty man. Show me one Supervisor who would not say the same thing? As the old burger commercial pondered, “Where’s the beef?” Certainly not on Hoa’s website.

The only other information we can glean from Hoa’s website is that he is a lawyer who “represents consumers and small businesses” and he was in the army. He also says that “Education is the path to the American Dream.” Duh! Again, this is not exactly an enlightened position. Any other politico would agree with that.

Gustavo Arellano, over at his Navel Gazing blog, was quite enthused to hear that Hoa supports amnesty for immigrants. But isn’t it interesting that there is NO mention of this issue on Hoa’s website? Here is a better question, when is Hoa going to repudiate the anti-Mexican Trannies who flew to the Mexican border recently to malign our neighbors to the south? I have not ready any such statements from him.

I did stumble across another blog article that was posted on Gustavo’s blog by a reader, wherein Hoa expands on his views on immigration. Therein an anon blogger actually asked Hoa this question, “What about Assemblyman Van Tran and OC Supervisor Janet Nguyen and their stands on immigration?” Of course Hoa did NOT answer the question. Instead some blowhard named Pho Do Nguyen spouted off apparently so Hoa could stay out of it.

Even more illustrative of the emptiness of Hoa’s position on immigration was his response when he was asked what he would do about this issue as a Supervisor,

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